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  • S3: Final Exam

    S3: Final Exam

    Jimmy Huston brings us this lower key slasher from the heyday of teen hack em up films. Taking its c...

  • TV Movies

    TV Movies

    Geek Juice Radio – Episode 153 This week we discuss a variety of TV Movies Featuring: Alex Jow...

  • The Taking of Deborah Logan

    The Taking of Deborah Logan

    So here’s this fascinating documentary about Alzheimer’s disease.  The Taking of Deborah...

  • Marvin Marvin

    Marvin Marvin

    The Hardcore Kid reviews the epic fail of a NickCom starring Fred’s Lucas Cruikshank as an unf...

  • A Dangerous Place

    A Dangerous Place

    Long live PM Entertainment! This week I take a look at the sort of Karate Kid knockoff, A Dangerous ...

  • Hot Potato

    Hot Potato

    No Theme November continues as we take a look at some fun blaxploitation and Hot Potato Featuring: A...

  • Little Rita of the West – Revisited

    Little Rita of the West – Revisited

    Revisiting that lovable classic Little Rita of the West with a new set of riffers. Featuring: mister...

  • James Cameron

    James Cameron

    Geek Juice Radio – Episode 152 This month’s director for retrospective is James Cameron ...

  • The Machine Girl

    The Machine Girl

    A movie I should have discussed a LONG time ago. ...

  • Exploring Tank Girl

    Exploring Tank Girl

    One of the most notorious movies of the 90s is still one of the most fun films of the time. ...



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