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  • Obscure Halloween Specials

    Obscure Halloween Specials

    Exploring some obscure Halloween specials. ...

  • Jungledyret Hugo

    Jungledyret Hugo

    The Hardcore Kid reviews an unusual Danish movie starring a yellow bear and a fox. Who’s up fo...

  • Snobcast: “The Manimal Movie”

    Snobcast: “The Manimal Movie”

    mister X hangs out with Brad Jones n’ shoots the shyt about the will ferrell MANIMAL news as w...

  • Spiderman and X-Men – SEGA vs SNES

    Spiderman and X-Men – SEGA vs SNES

    Teddy compares two version of the same game on Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo!! ...

  • Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Geek Juice Radio – Episode 146 A discussion of the history and current state of the Marvel Cin...

  • Exploring TMNT

    Exploring TMNT

    I take a look into the often forgotten entry in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle series, TMNT. ...

  • The Rape After

    The Rape After

    CONTENT ADVISORY: There’s like no rape in this movie.  If you’re easily offended by topi...

  • S3: The Hills Have Eyes

    S3: The Hills Have Eyes

    Wes Craven brings us a tale of rather silly people taking an ill advised detour. When the Carter fam...

  • Teenage Tramp

    Teenage Tramp

    Back to School September continues for Live Nude Geeks with TEENAGE TRAMP Featuring: Alex Jowski, mi...

  • Tom Sawyer

    Tom Sawyer

    An animated adaptation of Mark Twain’s story made by the same people who made Secret of NIMH 2…not a...



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