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  • Cherry Poppin’ II

    Cherry Poppin’ II

    Geek Juice Radio – Episode 142 This week’s list of first films from notable directors fr...

  • Bruka: Queen of Evil

    Bruka: Queen of Evil

    We infamously riff the infamous sequel to Mystics of Bali  -   BRUKA: QUEEN OF EVIL With Brad Jones,...

  • Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

    Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

    After nearly a decade’s wait, Robert Rodriguez treat us to the limpfish sequel, SIN CITY: A DA...

  • School Days Review

    School Days Review

    Aka Slut Days or aka THE WORST ANIME EVAR! School Days is property of TNK and 0verflow. All clips we...

  • S3: Blood Song

    S3: Blood Song

    Bonded by blood to a mad killer Marion finds herself having visions of his murderous rampage after e...

  • Snobcast: “It’s Over Johnny”

    Snobcast: “It’s Over Johnny”

    mister X hangs out with Brad Jones n’ shoots the shyt about the RAMBO game, reviewer ‘di...

  • Mac and Me

    Mac and Me

    The Hardcore Kid reviews an ET ripoff with more Coca-Cola and McDonalds product placements than the ...

  • Cherry Poppin’ I

    Cherry Poppin’ I

    Geek Juice Radio – Episode 141 This week we talk about the notable first films of four directo...

  • 5 Deadly Angels

    5 Deadly Angels

    “Asian August” continues with 5 Deadly Angels Featuring Alex Jowki, Charley McMullen and...

  • When You’re Alone (A Tribute to Robin Williams) (DJ Jaimetud)

    When You’re Alone (A Tribute to Robin Williams) (DJ Jaimetud)

    Of all the celebrity deaths this year, this one was definitely the hardest to take. Robin Williams t...



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